Keep track of your time

Know how much you work, report your overtime, sickleave and more.

\t\t Punch clock

\t\t Press start when you arrive and stop when you leave. It's just that simple! The system will \t\t compare the worked time with your scheduled worked time and automatically calculate and \t\t difference in your flex time account.

\t\t Calendar

\t\t See you schedule and your worked time in a calendar view, make changes and register vacations.

\t\t Fortnox

\t\t With a seamless integration with Fortnox, after a time report is attested it's automatically \t\t synced with your Fortnox. Schedules for the employees are also fetched from fortnox, as well \t\t as users. This leaves almost nothing to configure. Time reporting should be easy!

After 20 years as technicians, we know what matters.